The International Organisation of la Francophonie (OIF/ Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie) is an international institution established in 1970 and aimed at strengthening and promoting the French language and universal values.

The International Organisation of la Francophonie considers its primary mission promoting peace, democracy and the human rights, supporting education and training, intensifying the dialogue between cultures and civilizations, enhancing the solidarity among member states and governments through multilateral cooperation aimed at strengthening their economic growth.

The organization has 54 full members, 4 associate and 26 observer states. The decision-making body of la Francophonie is the Summit - the meeting of heads of French-speaking states and governments, which is convened every two years.

Yerevan hosted the XVII International Organisation of La Francophonie summit October 7-12.

The gala dinner took place in Dvin Music Hall on 11th of October on behalf of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

French President Emmanuel Macron with his spouse Brigitte, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, OIF Secretary General Michaelle Jean with her spouse, and many other officials took part at gala dinner.

Armenia is a member of the organization since 2008.

Former hotel "Dvin" as a gift for 2800th anniversary of Yerevan.

Yesterday on September 19 in Yerevan, a large event took place at the construction site of the former Hotel “Dvin”. During this event the owner of the Hotel Artak Tovmasyan, together with the Yerevan residents jointly decided the new name of the hotel, which is David Bek. - "To be honest, we have thought a few names for the Hotel, but as you can see, we stopped at the name of David Beк. This hotel complex will be one of the “business cards” of capital city”, - said Artak Tovmasyan in his speech and especially thanked to Artak Avetyan, the coordinator of the hotel's construction works. Tovmasyan also mentioned that this Hotel complex is a gift for the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan.

During this event the Coordinator of Hotel Complex reconstruction and the candidate of Major of Yerevan city from "Reformists" party Artak Avetyan is also made a presentation. Welcoming compatriots Artak Avetyan noted that architects of this Hotel were awarded state prizes.

It is worth mentioning that the hotel which occupying 78 thousand square meters will be 5 star Hotel; provided parking for 400 cars, cuisine of different countries, 5 swimming pools, night club, modern leisure salons. And, along with all of that, the «Old bar of Yerevan» also will be preserved. Тhe opening will take place in 2019.

Currently being built Hotel is twice as large as the former Dvin. It can compete with the best analogous of world-famous hotels of the world, with its capacity and innovation. From the right side of the hotel will be placed the sculpture "The Dance of the Highlanders".

Mayoral candidate Artak Avetyan from "Reformists" party has invited the residents of Yerevan to participate in the Event organized at the yard of Dvin Hotel.  At this moment, active construction works of Hotel Complex are in progress, and Avetyan is the coordinator of this construction.

He presented the construction process and the structure of the Hotel Complex.

In the second part of the Event was a show with participation of renowned artists.

See more on video.

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